• Behind The Wheel

    Exceptional Routes & Exceptional Planning. Each road has been carefully selected to unlock your cars potential and experience a thrilling drive.

    Handling, Suspension, Power and Enjoyment were factored into every road selected for our journey.

    By Drivers, For Drivers.

  • Activities

    From Adrenaline pumping excursions to Casual Mixers, we've found the right balance for Rally Life.

    Whether you want to kick back or kick it into gear there's something for you when you choose BallyHoo.

  • Our Mission

    Extraordinary people, Unforgettable experiences, Magnificent machines.

    We're ecstatic to bring together individuals with a common interest to have one hell of a time and inspire the next generation of Car Enthusiasts along the way.

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Sponsorship Opportunities Available

Effectively promote your Business and have a blast doing it. Please Email Contact@Ballyhoorally.com for more information on our sponsorship packages.